A legacy of care.


Our Heritage

When the world's first hand-held, direct-illuminating ophthalmoscope developed by Dr. Francis Welch and William Noah Allyn was sold in 1915, the world caught a glimpse of what a little imagination and a lot of determination could achieve.

With little formal education, but a mind for invention and an entrepreneurial spirit, William Noah Allyn first marketed that ophthalmoscope at an American Medical Association convention in New York City in 1920. With no money for a booth but a wealth of determination, Allyn placed himself and the product he had developed with Dr. Francis Welch in a most strategic location—just outside the men's room. His strategy worked, and today, Welch Allyn continues to use unique strategies and state-of-the-art innovation to introduce new products and solutions to the marketplace.

Humble Beginnings

Despite the popularity of its first product, the company struggled to match its innovation with the business acumen it sorely needed to make a name for itself. That expertise came from William G. Allyn, son of William Noah Allyn. Highly-educated and trained as an optometrist, W.G., as he was known, brought a quiet confidence to the company, which would put it on a path to success for years to come. Having acquired the necessary sales and strategic planning resources, W.G. led the company through five decades of technical advances, sales growth and industry recognition, while establishing a firm infrastructure for the company which bears his family name.

While his wisdom and direction helped establish Welch Allyn as a leader in the medical manufacturing industry, it was his personal traits of loyalty, kindness and generosity that established the genuine company culture which still exists today. His favorite saying, "Be always kind and true," was first brought to life when W.G. established one of the first employee pension programs in New York State, or in the many Saturdays he spent providing free eye exams to Welch Allyn employees and their families. The spirit of William G. Allyn still exists today and remains at the heart of Welch Allyn and all its successes, and through the Allyn Foundation whose mission is to improve the quality of life in Central New York.


A Reputation for Excellence

Almost every patient interaction across the continuum of care involves a Welch Allyn diagnostic device. In fact, Welch Allyn diagnostic tools are some of the first instruments doctors and nurses use when they begin their journey through medical school. In many cases, they carry these devices with them throughout their careers, attesting to the quality, reliability and durability of our products. Today, we continue to nurture our relationship with medical students through the Ripple Effect program which sends future doctors and nurses on life-changing humanitarian missions around the world to deliver donated product and care for people in need.


Experience Welch Allyn

Welch Allyn's Customer Experience Center is a state of the art facility dedicated to showcasing the history, culture and products of the company. The 6,500 square foot Center utilizes cutting-edge technology along with actual products to speak directly to the customer. Here visitors can see for themselves why Welch Allyn products and services are world-class in innovation, technology and support.

During briefings, we share the Welch Allyn product strategy, and our plans for the future. The goal is to help each customer identify solutions for their unique challenges in delivering health care.

Tours of the Welch Allyn Customer Experience Center are available by appointment. Contact LuAnn Morin, Sr. Director of Customer Experience and Communications at (315) 685-2670, or your local Welch Allyn Sales Representative.